The Johnny Fuller FAQs

Q - What do the band require at the venue?

A-We require:

Approximately 20ft x 12ft of floor space in order for the band to perform.

1.5 hours to set up

Adequate electrical supply i.e. a minimum of 4 standard 3pin, 13amp power sockets near the performance area, independent i.e. NOT shared with catering, disco etc. Each of the supplies should be protected by an RCD [residual current device] which will offer maximum safety protection.

Refreshments. It is not obligatory to provide food/drinks however, we do appreciate it.


Q - How much do you charge?

A - JFB endeavour to be as flexible as possible to suit your requirements. We will review your request and tailor a quote specifically for you. We may be able to offer discount for non Saturday bookings.

Q - How and when do I pay?

A – A £ 200 deposit will secure the date, you can pay by cheque or BACS. Balance paid by cash on the night.


Q - How far will you travel?

A - In theory the band will travel anywhere. Recently, our shows took us to Redruth and St Mawes in Cornwall, Braunton, North Devon and Kingsbridge in South Devon, Bristol, Bath and even as far as Essex and Warwickshire.

Q - How long does the band play?

A - You can expect 2 sets of approx. 1 hour each. This is not fixed however and with enough notice, we can cater a set just for you.

Q - My event is an outdoor one. What do you need?

A - We need guaranteed weatherproof protection for our equipment, and a regulated power supply.A stage is better for us if it's possible. It ensures that the ground is level for the equipment, keeps our gear off the floor in the event of rain, and of course, you'll be able to see us better.


Q - Can you provide a DJ?

A - We don't provide a 'typical' disco DJ but we can provide seamless music before, during and after our sets through the PA , but only until we take down the equipment after we have played. The PA is generally turned off 20 to 30 minutes after we finish

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